Innoguard HAciR

Innoguard HAciR is a fume cupboard designed to meet demands in laboratory applications with high heat and high acid loads.

Innoguard HAciR is designed to meet the requirements of EN 14 175-7. Complete compliance is offered as an option.

High precision material are chosen in exposed surfaces to be inert in a tough and demanding environment. Solid ceramic parts makes exposed surfaces inert to high heat load caused by heaters or ovens.

  • Suitable for open, thermal processes of breaking down chemicals with aggressive media.
  • The design of the fume cupboard and the materials of the inner lining of the internal workspace determine which aggressive media the device can be used for
  • Extraction of fumes and aerosols from the internal workspace to prevent dangerous amounts of pollutants from escaping into the laboratory
  • To prevent the formation of dangerous potentially explosive atmospheres in the internal workspace
  • Protection from splashes of hazardous substances in the internal workspace
  • Protection from flying particles, bodies or parts from the internal workspace
  • For working with high thermal loads in connection with acid digestions in the internal workspace (heat sources of 4 KW per metre of clear width in the fume cupboard)

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