Fume Cupboards

Fume Cupboard is important to choose the right to meet the demands of the market and the authorities, while offering both optimal protection and comfort for the user. Therefore, we have chosen to develop fume cupborads that set a new standard for safety-ventilated workplaces.

Modern, innovative and a complete range that exceeds the requirements of government and market. The main focus has been on safety, ergonomics, accessibility and productivity for the user.

A modular design offers the possibility of quick and easy service as well as the possibility of future upgrades to maintain a modern and updated workplace.

Module-built fume cupboards which allow you to choose for the functions you want, you can also have it configured exactly according to your own needs.

The design of the unique and specially made profile for controlling air flow and minimizing turbulence also provides the market’s best opening width in relation to total width.

InnoGUARD FUME CUPBOARD is available in different designs, below is a simple guide to what you are looking for and more information if you click on the product.

IG Value: Standard model in basic design.
IG Ultimate: High performance model that provides full flexibility at equipment level and functionality.
IG PP: Developed for work where high resistance to acids is required.
IG Isotope: For applications where radiation protection by the user is a must.
IG Walkin: Like Ultimate with space for wagons and bulky equipment.
IG HAciR: With high demands on resistance to strongly oxidizing substances and high temperatures. Available with integrated heaters in the workspace!

Fume Cupboards are defined by European standard EN14175:
Sweden: According to SS-EN 14175
Denmark: Fume cupboard DS / EN 14175
Norway: Exhaust hood NS-EN 14175
United Kingdom: Fume Cupboard, BS EN 14175

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