Laboratory Furnishings developed especially for laboratories and universities where high demands are placed on ergonomics, hygiene, aesthetics and productivity.

InnoGUARD Interior is modular, customizable where we offer a complete solution for the customer, our experts in the field help you to develop a customized concept that you just need in your environment.

Highest quality
Our interior range includes special surface materials that are antistatic, chemically resistant and very scratch resistant. Scratches and other surface defects are often a breeding ground for discolouration as well as chemical and biological risks as the scratches contain particles and contaminants. They can also withstand much higher loads than ordinary particle boards you see in, for example, homes and offices.

With us you will find everything you need! Workbenches, cabinets, wall cabinets, shelving systems, vitrine cabinet, pass-through cabinets, chemical solvents for solvent / acids / bases, fire insulated chemical cabinets, point extractors, sinks, fume cupboards, ventilated benches, fume hoods etc. Most cabinets and sinks can also be ventilated, which prevents odors in the room and allows them to work in a safe environment.

Thoughts? Project? Help with 3D drawing?
Contact one of our specialists to order our product catalog and find out the complete range or get help choosing the components that are most suitable for you.

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