Lab furniture and interior, developed especially for laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms and schools where they must be easy to keep clean while being chemical resistant and scratch resistant!

InnoGUARD Interior is modular, customizable where we offer a complete solution for the customer, our experts in the field help you develop a tailor-made concept that you need in your environment.

Our latest lab interior consists of a special type of high pressure and / or compact laminate, which is made of antistatic material, chemical repellent and very scratch resistant. At the slightest scratch, it becomes difficult to keep clean as dirt, bacteria and color pigments easily get stuck there, with our interior it is very easy to keep a clean surface and to clean it.

In our range you will find everything you need, workbenches / lab benches, display cabinets, pull-through cabinets, chemical solvent cabinets, fire insulated chemical cabinets, local exhaust ventilation, sinks, fume cupbords, ventilated benches, etc. Most cabinets and sinks can also be ventilated, which prevents odors in the room and allows working in a safe environment.

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