Innoguard Isotope

A lead-enclosed fume cupboard that provides protection when working with radioactive isotopes.

The Isotope fume cupboard is based on the frame of InnoGUARD Value, which has been provided with additional reinforcements and additions to the design to withstand the high weight from lead glass hatch and lead frame.

Front with lead!
In addition to the counterbalanced vertical front glass door, innoGUARD Isotope also has a horizontally sliding lead-framed door with recessed lead glass. The lead glass door is suspended in a number of ball-bearing wheels in both vertical and horizontal directions to give the highest possible performance. The lead glass door rests securely in an upper and a lower beam, which in turn is firmly attached to the steel frame.

Further lead enhancement possible
innoGUARD Isotope is prepared to integrate lead framing in several parts of the design. Basic protection is placed in the lead glass door and under the stainless steel work surface which gives the operator a basic protection during work. To give the surrounding environment a protection, additional lead mounting can be supplemented in the back, roof and in the sides of the fume cupboard.