Innoguard Ultimate

innoGUARD ULTIMATE – A high performance fume cupboard with full flexibility for advanced laboratory environments.

Fume Cupboard innoGUARD ULTIMATE gives full flexibility through the integrated side panel in terms of the desired equipment level and functionality. Already in basic design, the fume cupboard has an extensive level of equipment.

The fume hood is prepared for “plug ´n play” as it can be equipped with a complete VAV system with motorized damper where large energy savings can be obtained!Thanks to the integrated rack InnoGUARD Instant 820, a free leg space of 820 mm is offered which makes the towing cabinet very well suited for sitting work.

The flow-optimized side spoiler, InnoGUARD Spoiler, minimizes the risk of turbulent flow while at the same time, by integrating hatch control, allows a large free opening width.