Safety bench Class 2 – Scanlaf Mars Pro

Mars Pro biosafety bench class II A2 is a triple-filter bench that provides protection for users, product and environment. The air is sucked in from the work opening below the cabinet work surface and then flows up the back of the work area, where 70% of the air is recirculated through the main filter and the remaining 30% is released into the room or ventilation system. The extract air is filtered through a HEPA filter.

The LAF bench recirculation gives the user protection due to inflow, the product protection is guaranteed due to “down flow” and environmental protection is ensured due to the double filtered exhaust air.

The triple filter technology guarantees the elimination of cross contamination, as the air in the work area has gone through two sets of HEPA filters.

Mars Pro safety cabinets are the perfect choice for all types of work that require user, product and environmental protection, such as tissue culture, virus particles, microbiological tests, viral work, non-pathogenic manipulations, IVF, research and sampling procedures, etc.

Mars Pro can be purchased in different sizes from 900 mm to 1800 mm, these are certified by TÜV according to EN12469 prescribed by the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s General Regulations.