ScanVac CoolSafe Superior Touch

CoolSafe Superior Touch 95 / 55-80 is an outstanding product of floor standing freeze dryers. They are the product of more than 40 years of experience and expertise and are the ideal choice for research, process development and small-scale production. CoolSafe Superior Touch comes in two configurations:

  • Superior Bulk
  • Superior Vial

You can choose between either -55°C or -95°C condenser temperatures. All models offer both simplicity of operation and the highest performance characteristics to meet the demands of today’s research and development laboratories.

Technical characteristics of the freeze dryers:

  • Fully automatic control of freezing in 5 steps – and primary and secondary drying in 10 steps. Shelf temperature control from -80°C to +50°C on 95-80 models for correct ice crystal formation and freeze-drying.
  • Capacitor ice capacity of 10kg / 24 hours.
    For bulk: The chamber holds from 2 to 8 electrically heated shelves with trays, giving a total surface area of ​​0.3 m2 to 1.2 m2.
    For vial: The chamber can accommodate up to 5 electrically heated shelves with washers, giving a total surface area of ​​up to 0.50 m2.

Other features:

  • Touchscreen controls and display of temperature and pressure during operation.
  • Large capacity, seamless stainless steel capacitor with external cooling coils and electric de-icing as standard.
  • Front loading for easy access, loading and monitoring.
  • Easy service and maintenance.
  • Adaptation, such as optional vacuum control for control of primary drying phase etc.