Innoguard BAMM

The Innoguard BAMM control system is adapted for ventilated benches or ventilated sinks with normally recommended exhaust air flows.

innoGUARD BAMM opens the damper to forced position upon activation, after the set time the damper closes to basic air position.
Forced mode and basic air mode are continuously adjusted via the unit. The desired time for forced flow is set steplessly between 1 and
60 minutes on the display. When activated to forced position, the display shows the countdown from the set time to zero when the damper is closed to basic air mode.

Some appreciated features are:

  • Graphically illuminated display with clear display of current airspeed, position etc.
  • Control of the exhaust air valve between two steplessly adjustable positions for basic air flow and forced flow respectively.
  • Visual and audible / acoustic alarm when the specified air velocity is below.
  • Manual and simple setting of the basic air flow and forced flow modes.
  • Continuously adjustable time between 0 and 60 minutes for forced flow but clear display of the remaining time for forced flow.
  • Measurement of the air velocity in the exhaust air duct via a duct sensor.
  • Output for external alarm.